New Dragon Quest Builders screenshots and details

The latest update for Dragon Quest Builders includes tons of screenshots and information regarding the story, characters, areas and monsters in the game. Further details and screens below.

” Merkid’s Topography
Merkid is in ruins when you first visit it. You’ll clearly see the remnants of a fortress city that once was.In addition to Merkid’s grassy plains, there are also poisonous swamps, rocky mountains where gas-shooting monsters roam, and more.

Discover Mysterious Caves

During your adventure, you’ll come across dungeon-like caves. Inside these caves, there may be valuable materials.

Gates to Unknown Areas

As you progress through the story, you’ll gain access to “Travel Gates,” which will send you off to new areas.
Unique Characters

By listening to what the people living in the game world have to say, you can get hints that help in reviving the town. These are important characters that will become guides on your adventure.

Rolondo is the bearded and dignified son of the former mayor of Merkid. What’s written in the “Merkid Record” book he possesses will apparently help in the town’s revival.Prinn is a girl overlooking the town’s reconstruction. She’ll present the hero with a variety of requests.You’ll also come across characters left behind in monster dens. You can drive away the monsters, save them, and bring them back to town.

Gather the Masses

Gathering townsfolk is indispensable to the town’s development. Players should explore a variety of areas in attempts to locate and return people who have been scattered to the town.


Outside of town, the hero will face a variety of creatures, including the Dracky, Droll, and Skeleton. A large number of Drolls roam the poisonous swamp zone. You’ll come across the Skeleton early on in the game.”



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