Aonuma: Zelda for Wii U being done as fast but as best as possible

The last time we heard any news about the Legend of Zelda for Wii U has been almost a year ago when there was a surprise gameplay reveal at the Video Game Awards. The latest (November) issue of Famitsu magazine in Japan there was an interview in place to discuss the most recent Zelda game, Triforce Heroes. Eventually the interview became more about Zelda in general and then about The Legend of Zelda’s 30th anniversary next year. When asked about the anniversary The Legend of Zelda game director, Eiji Aonuma replied,

This year we wanted a Majora’s Mask concert, so it is not impossible that there may be a 30th anniversary concert next year. However, as we are trying to complete the new Zelda as fast as possible, that is all that is on our minds. That being said, we hope something will take form for the 30th anniversary. It is especially important to a producer of the series, so I hope to give something everyone can look forward to next year.

Aonuma eventually added more on the topic, which pretty much ensures that they are working hard on the game and are making it as best as possible. 

We’re doing our best. Everyday we improve it bit by bit. It is something that requires plenty of time, however, so please believe in us and wait.



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