Mighty No 9 “Just bring it!” Trailer | New gameplay modes revealed 

Heres a new Trailer for Mighty No. 9. Announced on the playstation blog the new trailer brings us a couple of new game modes featured in Mighty No 9.

Most notably boss rush mode, one-hit death, and online co-op, vs mode. 

The Playstaion Blog gives a little more detail on the arrival of these announcements. 

“Firstly, we’re extremely excited to release our shiny new gameplay trailer in all its might! The new trailer shows off loads of the features and game modes you’ll be playing in Mighty No. 9; like Boss Rush mode where you tackle all the Mighty bosses back-to-back, or the Challenge mode which has you facing unique challenge levels designed to test your 2D side-scrolling skills, and don’t forget the insanely hard one-hit death Maniac mode as well – play at your own risk!

The trailer also features the first look at both the 2-player online Co-op Challenge mode and Online Race Battle mode! Tackle co-op specific challenge levels as Beck and Call using their unique abilities to defeat the enemies and finish the level, or battle it out online in a race through the main levels battling your opponent to get the highest score. Whether you like to team up or beat your friends, we cater to both needs.”

Mighty No. 9 launches February 9th 2016.



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