Psychonauts 2 announced | Crowdfunding

PsychoNauts 2 announced at The Game Awards 2015. This long awaited 10- year old sequel by DoubleFine studios this game will be crowdfunded through FIG as Double Fine is looking for a little over 3 Million dollars.

Here are a few notes in regards to the game’s development.

“It is still in early pre-production.

Psychonauts 2 will explore more of Raz’s backstory, including his family’s curse to always die in water, as well as more adventures through different minds.

There’ll be some new psychic powers mixed in with the old ones.

A lot of the old team is getting back together: Erik Wolpaw will help write it, Peter Chan will be doing more concept art, Peter McConnell is doing the music.

Voice actors Richard Horvitz (Raz) and Nikki Rapp (Lily) will also be returning.”



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