Ninja Gaiden director Tomonobu Itagaki discusses what is “Innovation”

Devil’s Third, the Wii U exclusive created by the creator of the Ninja Gaiden just released in North America last week. Even before the game has launched critics and spectators alike eagerly judge the game based on its merits. Whether it was graphics or controls the game has received nothing but very harsh criticism.  Is it deserved? Well the game currently sits at an astonishing 44 out of 100 on Metacritic, making it one of if not the lowest rated Wii U game yet. With a console mainly tailored for exclusive first party Nintendo games, Devil’s Third is an instant blemish to be grouped on a console with an outstanding number of highly rated exclusive games. 

For anyone following Itagaki on Facebook or keeping up with the developer at all hes always a person that loves to talk and not afraid to say whats on his mind. With all the talk of Devil’s Third and constant negative news about the game (Early this week  Destructoid reports that out of all of North America Gamestop only received 420 copies.) Itagaki’s latest Facebook note is all about how people who can appreciate ideas that arent widely accepted because they arent meeting modern traditions in game design.

Here is the entire note:

“What is Innovation”

To all gamers,

There’re many people who worry about criticism against Devil’s Third excessively. So, I will tell my thought to you. You have to know the truth.

“Heralds or forerunners are always criticized from an old viewpoint.”

Certainly, it’s necessary to listen to criticism, but we aren’t supposed to be subordinated to criticism. I will show a concrete instance.

Many people underestimated DEAD OR ALIVE in 1996.

“This game is DEAD OR DEAD, right?” They laughed.

“DOA means Dead On Arrival.” Different person said.

But I, my team, and my fans didn’t care about such noise. For the last time, as you know, we had gotten a great victory.  

Remember how many new features DOA produced. Remember how many games borrowed originality of DOA. The same can be said of 3D Ninja Gaiden. Besides, the same may be said of Devil’s Third. 

So, don’t worry at all. I will say again. You’re a forerunner. Forerunners are always criticized from an old point of view. So you must not to waste your time. 

If you have a free time to worry, first of all, turn on your game machine.   

Secondly, enjoy Devil’s Third.  

Rock out!

Tomonobu Itagaki

Now personally I dont believe Itagaki to be 100% correct in his ideas and what he stands for but there is some truth to what he is trying to converse here. Do you agree or disagree with Itagaki’s thinking?



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