Foamy Lizard Studded Controller Skin Review

Today I will be viewing the studded controller grip from Foamy Lizard for the Xbox One

Packaging: Nothing fancy just a zip lock bag with the contents inside. No paperwork or instructions included.

Performance Review: Let’s start with the positives. From a causal gaming standpoint this product is a nice change from the standard controller setup. This particular pack came with a two sets of AceShot Analog Thumbstick Grips, one just for grip and one with extended grips for accuracy. As far as the actual controller grip goes the studs help to keep the controller dry during those long sessions. It has a nice all around feel to it. The thumbstick grips work like a charm, especially the extended ones. I could see an improvement in my accuracy and movement when playing FPS; I especially liked the tightness it gave to the controls when attached. The only downside I found was that it did not fit completely over the controller and slipped a bit during use if not firmly held; maybe this was just the that I got.

Price: This product was around $20 on amazon and arrived very quickly.

Rating: I’d give this product a solid 3.5 out of 5.

Overall I really like this product and from the viewpoint of the causal gamer I would recommend it if you’re looking to improve your FPS accuracy. Plus it gives your controlled a different look to it if you’re looking for a change.


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