Sega 3D Classics Collection to Americas

Currently only available in Japan, Sega finally announces Sega 3D Classics Collection.

“The SEGA 3D Classics Collection, available on the Nintendo eShop and in retail stores contains nine classic SEGA games originally released on SEGA’s Master System and Genesis consoles: 

Power Drift – A high octane sprite-based circuit racer.

Puyo Puyo 2 – A head-to-head competitive puzzle game.

Maze Walker – A 3D mystery adventure.

Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa – A classic psychedelic scrolling shooter.

Fantasy Zone II W – Fantasy Zone II W is basically an updated version of the game above.

Sonic The Hedgehog – Control the iconic character in the classic fast-paced platformer.

Thunder Blade – Helicopters, guns, missiles and explosions. What more do you need?

Galaxy Force II – Save the galaxy in this space themed3D shoot ’em up. 

Altered Beast – A beat ’em up set in ancient Greece.  ”



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