Nintendo NX officially launching March 2017, Zelda delayed | Coming to Wii U and NX

In the most recent events for Nintendo with the 2016 Fiscal Year Briefing officially begining and ending there were a slew of announcements being noted left and right.

To start off Nintendo has officially confirmed that the NX will be coming next year in March 2017. Many were led to believe that the console would see a holiday 2016 release based on rumors and history for the company.With that being said the newest Legend of Zelda title previously announced for Wii U has also been confirmed in development for the NX as well. Since the NX will be releasing in March 17 it seems Zelda has been delayed as well. The game will be coming for both Wii U and NX in 2017. The cause for delay was reportedly “quality.”

Lastly E3 plans. Nintendo has also confirmed that the only playable title this E3 will be the Legend of Zelda. As they plan to announced more details later on.


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