E3 2016 Recap: Bethesda

Bethesda E3 Recap

By Daniel Lein


     There is no question that the winner of the 2015 E3 was Bethesda. The entire expo was pretty average until Bethesda announced their sales shattering Fallout 4, which was amazingly going to be released that very same year. Now an entire year has passed and we all want to see what the makers of Doom, Skyrim, and Fallout are up to.

Quake Championsmaxresdefault4

     Bethesda started off the show with their announcement of Quake Champions. Quake Champions is an arena based shooter that, according to the developers, is focused on high performance, fast paced action, and e-sport competition. Though it isn’t confirmed, the game appears to be a class/hero based shooter. More as this develops. As for my opinion, there isn’t much to go on as far as a the quality is concerned. All we got was a CG trailer that showed a few vague characters engaging in some vague combat in an impossibly more vague setting. To someone who isn’t a particular fan of Quake, this seems like a just another arena shooter, however, to fans of this series this will no doubt come as a welcome surprise. With Bethesda’s recent history of reviving dead franchises, such as Doom and Wolfenstein, fans should be excited for another opportunity to enjoy the classic Quake series.



The Elder Scrolls: Legends84265_2_0-0

     I’m not sure where I’m supposed to start. This is a pretty short one I guess. Bethesda is coming out with a digital trading card game based on the world of Elder Scrolls. We didn’t learn much however, except that it looks like a sort of Hearthstone clone. It’s also coming to mobile devices and computers, just like Hearthstone. To a Hearthstone fan, I feel conflicted. On one hand I love the opportunity to try my skill with new cards in a universe that I love. On the other hand I don’t really want to spend the time building a new deck. The most important thing, that we don’t yet know, is the price of this game. If Elder Scrolls: Legends is not free then it has no chance of even competing with Hearthstone.


DLC for Fallout 4, Doom, and Elder Scrolls Online

    fo4_contraptions_361x460 Fallout 4 was an amazing release last year with crazy good sales and reviews. It’s no surprise that Bethesda’s behemoth will continue to grow with more and more DLC updates in the coming months. The highlight of this DLC lineup however is no doubt the upcoming contraptions update. This will allow the player to make elevators, conveyor belts, and even their own Vaults. Bethesda is also bringing Fallout 4 to VR soon. Though I am not personally excited about Vault building or VR, both of them seem well developed and will no doubt bring even more hours of gameplay to hungry wastelanders.


    s6-074dd3f72d4c5e765e1789222e626eec Doom looks fun. Like really fun. There aren’t many games that have been released this year that look as enjoyable as Doom. The fast paced action and ultra-violence just look so enticing! Sadly I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet, but I have been even more incentivised to do so by the upcoming batch of DLC. This new wave of content will include even more snap-map features, new multiplayer maps, and a few new and unique modes. What’s so great about this DLC is that it seems to be addressing all of the problems reviewers had been having, mainly lackluster multiplayer. To me, this focus on fixing the game’s flaws says a lot about the future of Doom, as well as the goodwill Bethesda is willing to show to their loyal fans.


    984b1391a433554f519cb4c86d2264f9 Elder Scrolls Online is easily the least interesting property that Bethesda has to offer. Even though I own a copy of this game I have never really sunk my teeth into it. That being said, there are at least 7 million gamers who enjoy ESO, so it’s good to hear that Bethesda is paying attention to this MMO. Due to my extreme lack of interest in the game, I asked a gamer,named Christian, who has put dozens of hours into ESO to see what he thought. Though he was excited for the new Dark Brotherhood questline, he was mostly mad at the fact that level restrictions were being removed from the locations of Tamriel. This meant that all areas could be traversed regardless of your level. Christian felt this addition is “taking all the fun out of it [ESO]”, claiming that without a goal or reason to level up the grindy quests would feel utterly pointless.


Skyrim: Definitive Editionimg_1165

     Coming soon to Xbox One and PS4 is a revamped version of the best-seller Skyrim. With new graphics, all the DLC, and mod support, this version of Skyrim seems to truly be the definitive edition. Though I would have rather seen an older Elder Scrolls game remastered, it’s nice to have the fan favorite make a triumphant return.




     This, for me, wprey-bethesda-e3-2016-33-1280x720as the best Bethesda had to offer. I know Prey is an older franchise, again getting rebooted, but to a newcomer Prey seems like an exciting foray into the intense thriller first person shooter genre. The stunning visual design presented in the CG trailer got me excited for whatever is to come. It would seem that the main character is being experimented on, and during those experiments something goes horribly wrong. Full of mystery and excitement, the Prey trailer promises Bioshock levels of immersion and story.

Dishonored IIdishonored_2_e3_2015_2emily

     Last but not least is Dishonored II, which they gave a fairly extensive demo of. I highly suggest watching the demo as it is an utterly gorgeous game. The first Dishonored was brilliant at plunging you into a world that looked and felt like an oil painting, its successor does the same but with greatly improved lighting effects and graphics. The game also puts a greater focus on the deep and interesting world of Dishonored. I am by no means an expert, but picking up little pieces of paper throughout the first Dishonored gave me at least some idea of the cool world the developers had put together. That being said, Dishonored II takes that world and blows it up to a massive size with new locations and an extensive history. In addition you can play as either Corvo or his daughter Emily. Both have unique abilities that will influence the way you play the game and the type of story you experience. I am officially stoked for this game! The visual presentation alone is enough to get my mouth watering, but with the promise of a deep world and the return of that creative combat I’m practically chomping at the bit.


Score: B


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