Punch Club Quick Review


Punch Club Quick Review

By Daniel Lein

Sometimes games require long form analysis and long bouts of copious research, Punch Club is not one such game. This isn’t to say that it’s bad, by no means, but rather just not very much…game. In Punch Club you take control of a fighter of your own naming. I named him Punchy McPunchface, because why not. Punchy is a rookie fighter, training to get as good as his late father. And I don’t mean late to the party late, I mean shot dead in an alley in front of your two sons late. So clearly McPunchface has motivation, and with that motivation he’s gonna train hard, work hard, and fight harder. But while he’s doing that you’ll be looking at meters slowly roll up and down. Punch Club is an idle game, if my poor explanation wasn’t clear enough, with the slight twist of fighting, which you don’t actually get to do. Instead you get to prep Punchy with tactics and move sets that he will do in combat, while you sit and watch him.

Idle games aren’t my cup of tea, but I can tell Punch Club is a competent one. It’s got a charming, all be it cliché, 80s arcade aesthetic. The writing is exactly the kind of “lol check out this reference, we’re so witty” writing you would expect from a referential indie game. It also has, like, three songs. And they’re all fine, but repetitive, which is not good for an idle game. The one really dope thing Punch Club has going for it, aside from solid idle game “gameplay”, is a pretty interesting story. There are a couple interesting characters and a small world that slowly fills up with interesting places to go and people to talk to as you “play”.


As I said, idle games aren’t my thing, but if you do like them this one might be up your alley. Just don’t get it on Xbox One or PS4. It’s not that the version is bad or anything, it’s just that idle games don’t make sense on a console. If it’s on a PC, at least you can write a paper, watch Netflix, or play a better game. But when it’s on a console and hooked up to your big screen you can really feel every second you are wasting.


Punch Club earns a 6/10


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