A King’s Tale: Quick Review

A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV Quick Review

By Daniel Lein

I’ll be honest, this isn’t so much a review as it is a Public Service Announcement. On both PS4 and Xbox One there is a Final Fantasy XV themed side scrolling beat ‘em up that is free to play, with no micro transactions or ads. And, it’s actually fun.


Taking place several years before the events of Final Fantasy XV, the player sees Noctis listening to his father tell a bedtime story about past adventures. Th actual story isn’t interesting by any means, but the interactions between Reggis and his son are charming, helping to shape the relationship those two characters have in the grander Final Fantasy XV story.

The music and presentation in A King’s Tale just about steals the show. Between poppy arcade tunes and a slick pixel art style, A King’s Tale shines in every moment. It’s fun to see the world of Final Fantasy XV given a retro coat of paint, especially when that paint is in a style that Final Fantasy hasn’t ever really been in. It looks like a proper arcade game, and feels like one too.


That feeling is largely thanks to the excellent combat. A King’s Tale is really a side scrolling beat-em-up in the vain of Golden Axe or Double Dragon. Fighting through waves of enemies and beating down on big bosses is addictive, and, with a warping combat system adopted from FFXV, it’s stylish too. It felt cool to deal combos, teleport across the screen, and link up with some of the king’s sidekicks in cinematic special moves.

Perhaps the best part of A King’s Tale is its length. Clocking in at around the hour mark, A King’s Tale doesn’t overstay its welcome. And with extra challenge stages to work through, players can stick around if they want more. It’s free. It’s stylish. And, most importantly, it’s fun.


A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV earns a “PLEASE go play this game”/10




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