Microsoft at E3, was it good?


Microsoft’s 2017 E3 Press Conference Impressions

By Daniel Lein

Earlier this year I was starting to feel unsatisfied as an Xbox One owner. While I was playing hits from yesteryear, PS4 owners had access to great exclusives like Nioh, Nier Automata, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Persona 5. I was so disappointed in the lack of games on Xbox One that I had started thinking about making the switch to PlayStation. Considering this my expectations were high for Mycroft’s E3 Press Conference this year. They had to show a wide variety of engaging, much of which had to be exclusive, to keep me and other Xbox One owners on board, but did they?


They started off with the showcasing of their Xbox One X, the official name for what had been previously codenamed Scorpio. With 4K output, a more powerful processor, and a $499.99 price tag, the Xbox One X is certainly a high-end console that I will likely not take part in. Though they showed its power well, they didn’t quite convince me I needed to buy one. Right after revealing the Xbox One X, they started revealing game after game after game, which was super exciting for me because that’s why I play video games…to play video games, not to oogle over specs. I’m not going to go over all the games, but I will touch on the ones that really stood out for one reason or another.


One of the first games they showed was Metro Exodus, the third in a series of first person shooters set in post-apocalyptic Russia. I reviewed Exodus’ two predecessors and praised them for their world building and effective immersion, and from what I saw in the trailer, it will continue to look gorgeous.


The game that I and my friends are most excited for though is Sea of Thieves. Not only is the life of pirates an oh-so-desirable one, but the promise of treasure, adventure, and ship battles took me captive. I love the cartoony art style as well, which helps deliver that very necessary feeling of fun. It’s an MMO, and I don’t usually go for those, but I am so down for this one.


Next one I want to touch on is Ori and the Will of the Wisp. I own a copy of Ori and the Blind Forest, and it’s one of those games that I really want to play, but just haven’t gotten around to just yet, but Will of the Wisp makes me want to go finish it. Will of the Wisp copies the gorgeous and somber aesthetic of its predecessor, and hopefully the Metroid Vania gameplay as well. It looks like we might be getting a new character as well as the return of the titular Ori. I’m most excited though for the fact that this is becoming a franchise. It’s certainly exciting for one of the big three to put a lot of advertising and money behind a 2D Metroid-like game…


Lastly I want to close with the indie game that excited me most. The Last Night, developed by ODD Tales and featuring a mature pixel art, with a grungy cyberpunk style evocative of Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell. It’s one of those games that is stylistically right up my alley. If it’s anything like Cup Head (which finally got a release date) we may not see this game for a long time, but if that visual approach is indicative of anything, then this game could be amazing.

So what did you think of Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference? What games stood out to you? Let us know in the comments and keep your eyes open for more E3 impressions.


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